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Everyone is able to create an App with Apmato

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What's your app like? A short written draft and some sketches describing the structure and visual appearance of the app are all you need.

Here is an example with what Marie and Steffen came up with for the Kreuzberg Mini Guide.


Select and create content such as images, graphics, icons, videos as well as write text. Check whether you have all necessary rights on the media you want to use.

Design Apmato layouts, modules and navigation elements and build your app.


a) Share a browser preview link to gather response on the structure and the general appearance of your app.

b) Create a binary apk of the app and install it on your Android devices.


Upload your app-packages to your developer accounts with apple and google. An upgrade of your account may be required for that. Alternatively use our publishing service.

If you want to publish your app with costs you must have a developer account.

☞ Fast and easy mobile app creation ☜

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