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App Deep Linking

News from the WWDC 2015. How the new search will change how iPhone users access information.
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TouchingCode inTechnology

2 min read

App Icon Design

All you need to know about catchy app icons and what Apmato does about it.

Alexandre inDesign

7 min read

Play Store App SEO

Optimize your visibility in the google play store.

Alexandre inApp Store

6 min read

iTunes App SEO

8 facts you need to know to improve App visibility in Apple's iTunes Store.

Alexandre inApp Store

7 min read
App testing with Android

App testing with Android

Testing on a real device before submitting the app to google play store is essential for the success of your app.

belfi in Test

7 min read
Save and restore snapshots

How-to save and restore snapshots

How-to save copies of your app to recall previous states.

Sebastian in How-to

3 min read
Using the apmato tester app on iOS

How-to test on iOS devices

Download our Apmato tester app for real iOS app testing before submitting the app to the stores.

Sebastian in How-to

3 min read
Using the apnato Full HTML Module

Highlighting the current time in the StoryDrive App using the Apmato HTML Module

Full flexibility for your app with the Full HTML Module

Steffen in How-to

4 min read
Kreuzberg Mini Guide making-of

Kreuzberg Mini Guide — Making-of

How Steffen and Marie build an app with places of interest around the place we work.

Steffen & Mariein Making-of

4 min read
Our new Logo

A new logo for Apmato

The design of our new logo and what it stands for.

Clemens in Design

1 min read

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