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Berlin, February 25, 2013

Apmato makes it possible for anybody to become a mobile app creator

First public showing of the online app creation service that will help web designers, web-agencies and programmers at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona – 25th February 2013: Apmato, an online service that allows anyone to build native multi-platform applications, will be showcasing its solution for the first time at Mobile World Congress. This service allows users to create, manage and publish mobile applications using template-based interfaces and will allow businesses to have their own white-labelled mobile presence at a much lower cost.

Currently the majority of major players across a variety of sectors offer an iPhone or Android app to their customers to simplify their services and promote their brand. However, smaller sized companies have found that the high cost to create, author, publish and manage a content-rich application can result in them losing out to their competitors. Apmato believes it has addressed this problem through its online service platform, allowing for online creation and editing, assisted publishing of apps as well as helping with app store and marketplace management.

Apmato provides an easy to use design interface in the browser, offering two views of an application, dependant on the role of the user. The designer view allows users to customise template-based layouts as well as create individual ones and extend the system using the programming interface (API) Apmato offers for free. The author view allows users to insert and edit content, without affecting the templates. Team coordination and applications marketplace monitoring can also be managed.

Based on a subscription-based model, companies can purchase an Apmato package, ranging from a free to a premium version depending on the amount of team members needed and the number of applications that need to be created. The company also provides subscribers with different levels of support, dependant on the package, helping them with app store submissions, language translation and press release distribution, helping users reach different audiences across the globe quicker and effectively.

Clemens Grossman, CEO and co-founder of Apmato, said: “In a time where consumers live and interact on their mobile devices, it’s becoming more apparent that companies of all shapes and sizes need to offer them a branded mobile application. However, with business expenditure and budgets under pressure, it’s easy to see why some companies have been unable to take this opportunity. This is why we have created Apmato. Our mobile application design interface is not only easy-to-use and easily extendable depending on the experience of the user, but offers a low-cost solution for any company new to the mobile application world. With our additional features such as offering multilingual application services and app store submissions, we are also taking the away the strain and sharing their mobile journey.”

Apmato will be giving live presentations of its solution at Mobile World Congress. You can find them in the App Planet Hall, 8.1 at the TouchingCode Stand 8.1G59.

About Apmato

APMATO | CMS for Apps – Everybody with an idea and the drive can create and maintain apps for mobile devices fast and at a low price. Berlin based software development company TouchingCode GmbH shows Apmato a new online service for next round of high-class generative mobile app creation. Apmato is a new online service for next round of high-class generative mobile app creation. The Apmato engine builds native, multi-platform apps without the need to code. Apmato is flexible, extendible, surprisingly modest and has the potential to become a professional tool for designers, web-agencies and developers.

About Touching Code GmbH

Touching Code offers mobile application development as well as classical software development with a sound background of more than two decades of business in the software industry. Our specialty is carrying out complex and innovative tasks in the field of international business where multi-faceted technical expertise and integration within the IT environment are paramount. Our portfolio includes applications such as, EneMene, PhotoPrint, Kreuz und Quer, Fingerspiele and StylePark. Website:


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