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A new logo for Apmato

With the new name Apmato for our online self-service app creation system comes the need to find a new logo. We took inspiration from the name: Apmato should sound like something of App and machinery or automatic system. But in fact “mato” is a Japanese word 的 for ”target” or goal. So the real meaning of the name Apmato is to have an App as your target … :-)

Mato is actually the target used for archery. Wikipedia has very nice pictures of “Mato”. There are two different ones used: Hoshi-Mato (星的) and Kasumi-Mato (霞的).

wikipedia picture of mato
Apmato – the mato for apps
wikipedia picture of mato
Kasumi-Mato und Hoshi-Mato

Now you can find the two "mato" disks (one for short and one for long distance) in our new logo:

Apmato logo

It works good on dark backgrounds.

Dark background

There is an alternative more compact version of the logo as well.

Compact version with dark background

Compact version with light background

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